High Pressure Systems


Resato offers a unique combination of in-house engineering and production of both components and systems. We are proud to present our extensive product range. This overview gives a good impression of our scope of delivery of our standard systems. If you wish to receive more detailed information on one or more of our products, please feel free to contact us. Our sales department would be pleased to be of your assistance and is ready to answer any questions concerning our products.


10.000 bar calibration unit The CU100 calibration unit is designed for calibrating pressure gauges, pressure transmitters and recorders.The calibration of pressure transducers can be performed fully automatically according to the international standard. The pressure is generated automatically by a servo driven spindle pump.

The calibration of test objects, such as a mechanical pressure gauge is not fully automated, a human interaction is necessary to read out the DUT, (Devise Under Test).

The automatic calibration of the process has several advantages. Software configurations for your calibration process can be saved and shared. Therefore the process can be reliably duplicated by multiple operators on different locations, and over time. The quality of the calibration process will be improved by eliminating operator errors and applying standardized methods. The measurement results are recorded in an electronic calibration report, which can be preserved for the recording of the history of a DUT.

The software application will guide the user through the calibration setup. Once a device is set-up it can be stored for use in time. There are multiple reference transmitters installed in the machine, the program will set-up the reference pressure transmitter that is matches the chosen pressure range.

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