• Voltage 380 3300V
  • Power 200 2500kW
  • Insulation Degree H C
  • Protection Degree IP44 IP54 IP55, IP56
  • Cooling Type IC06

Mud motors

  • Extreme Torque/Temp Rated Sealed Bearing Pack and Transmission Capable of Over 10K ft--‐lb Running Torque
  • New preloaded Thrust Bearings Design Capable of >150K Lbs Static >58K Dynamic load
  • Patented Dual CV Transmission Extends Life and Torque Capacity.
  • New custom optimized thread profiles for fatigue and torque capacity.
  • Advanced Lubrication and Seal Design to Extend Down Hole Run Time.
  • Highest Strength and Quality Material Used in All Aspects of Design.
  • Replaceable Stabilizer Sleeve Integrated Into Lower End.
  • Multple Power Secton Optons Including Revolutonary DuraTorque.
  • Dual Constant Velocity Joint:
  • 16 RockBit balls distribute torque evenly and allow for greater torque capacity.
  • HNBR rubber used in CV boot for high temperature drilling.
  • Improved Mud Flow and Wear:
  • Replaceable Matrix3 bonded carbide sleeves for increased wear life and ease of - Maintenance.
  • Flow diverter engineered to maximize mud flow, torque capacity and fatigue life
  • Oil Lubrication System:
  • Upper and lower bearing circulation accelerators to increase bearing life.
  • Triple Teflon/alloy radial bearing support for increased side load rigidity.
  • Compensation piston travel extended to increase run time capacity.
  • Oil Seal System:
  • Industry leading Kalsi seals offers tried and true drilling fluid exclusion from thrust Bearings and CV assembly
  • Next generation rotary seal with impregnated Teflon on running surfaces offers Seal redundancy without risking damage to running surfaces.
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