Our Products

Water Jet Cleaning

The high pressure cleaner is used for daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles and buildings. Removes stubborn dirt, stains and other debris stuck to multiple surfaces.

High Pressure Test Units

These test units are excellent for testing accumulators, cylinders, valves, bodies, vessels, piping. Suitable for various media such as: water, oil, oceanic oil, glycol, methanol.

Also we offer well head control units, hydraulic test units, high pressure hoses, fittings, portable high pressure power packs etc.

GE – Spare Parts

We offer all GE – spare parts for your upcoming requirements based on your GE part number.


We offer good quality slip ring induction motors, squirrel cage induction motors, d c motors, ac motors & high speed ac motors.

Also we offer wind generators & hydro generators

MWD Parts


Anti Corrosive Coatings

We offer environment friendly epoxy coatings, fittings and sealants for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications

Temperature Measuring

Resistance temperature sensors into a reservoir, with a reservoir, with protection tube, with cable

Resistance temperature sensors Ex to zones 2, 1 and 0 according to the version

Convertors Galvanic Separators

Convertors into the head of temperature sensors
Convertors to DIN bar

Pressure Measuring

Relative pressure sensors
Absolute pressure sensors

Level Measuring

Radar level gauge
Ultrasonic level gauge

Valve Programme

Two-ways valve set, three-ways, five-ways sets
Direct valves, corner valves


Conductance and concentration converters
Electrode and induction sensors of conductance

Devices for flow and heat Measuring

Flow and heat meters, INMAT decoders
Orifice gauges, orifice routes, Venturi tube,segment orifices

Indicators, Regulators and Recorders

Indicators including limit stages signalization
Programmable indicators

Servo Motors

Pull-rod servo motors 250 N up to 20kN(stroke 5 up to 80 mm)
Lever servo motors 6 Nm up to 125 Nm

Power Supplies for Measuring Circuits

Supplies on walls
Supplies for DIN bar
Suppliers for feed of spark safe devices

Mud Motors

Extreme Torque/Temp Rated Sealed Bearing Pack and Transmission Capable of Over 10K ft--‐lb Running Torque

New preloaded Thrust Bearings Design Capable of >150K Lbs Static >58K Dynamic load



Cast Steel Grinding Balls

Series of cast steel Balls from 10 mm to 130 mm

Series of Cylpebs from 12 x 12 mm to 35 x 35 mm

Grinding Balls with Chromium Content of 13% (suitable for Cement Grinding (Raw Material & Clinker)

Air Hoist

We have various types of Air Hoists:
From 0.25 to 50 Ton Industrial Air Hoists
From 0.25 ton to 20 Ton Motorised Trolleys


From 350 HP to 3000 HP. Work Over Rigs, Mobile Rigs, Land Rigs and all Rig related Equipment's with latest technology.t

Sheaves & Flanges


Solid Control Equipment



Good quality of drill line spooler, these spooler are available in pneumatic, electric and hydraulic.

Our valuable clients can avail this product from us at very reasonable price.


We offer good quality electric & pneumatic traction hoist for man riding applications.

Handling Tools

We offer handling tools according TO API 7 K, 8A/8C SPEC Various types of Manual Tongs, Work-over tongs & Casing Tongs

Centrifugal Slurry Pump

High pressure Centrifugal Sludge Pumps with long service life

High efficiency Centrifugal slurry pump for handling abrasive and corrosive slurry