Water Jet Cleaning

Pressure Range: 110 Bar to 200 Bar


These High Pressure Cleaners are used for daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles and building for the removal of stains, Dirt and other debris from surfaces.

    Benefits :
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • High durability from low speed motor / pump unit
    Features :
  • Non Corrosive materials in pump, fittings & Pipes
  • Long life seals
  • Built-in by-pass / safety-valve
  • Inlet / outlet quick couplings
    Application :
  • Removing Paint & Rust on steel and concrete surfaces
  • Removing Lime scale deposits & Marine Growth
  • Deck Cleaning & Cargo hold Cleaning
  • Dust free wet sand blasting with optional accessories
  • Cleaning construction machinery and Equipment
  • Cleaning scaffolding material
    Features :
  • Start-up Accumulator
  • Inlet filtration system
  • Latest pump Technology for long running hours
  • Easy access to pump for service & Maintenance
  • Automatic start / stop with timer for better life span of the pump
  • Comes with low voltage controls, fuses, overload controls, fuses, overload relay and main isolator.
    Application :
  • Removing paint & Rust on steel surfaces
  • Removing lime scale deposits & marine growth
  • Deck cleaning & Cargo hold cleaning
  • Dust free wet sand blasting with optional accessories
    Features :
  • Unique pump design
  • Stainless steel pump head
  • Drip return ensuring long seal and drip free operation
  • Built in stainless Unloader / safety valve
  • Built in booster pump with Independent Electrical connection
  • Crankcase of solid cast-Iron ensuring stability and vibration dampening
  • Duplex Steel valves
  • Low water level cut off switch
  • Water tank with filter and inlet float valve
  • Stainless steel valve casing
    Features :
  • Twin Rupture Disc protection against over pressurization
  • Automatic motor shut down system
  • Hour meter for service intervals
  • Extremely service friendly pump design
  • Built in reduction gear box
  • Back flush primary inlet water filter system
  • Low water level and low supply pressure cut-off system
  • Seamless 316 stainless steel water tank
  • Four Leg Isolators, full frame protection
  • Non corrosive materials are used in the pump, fittings and pipes
  • Cleans out cracks and crevises without covering them over allowing for close visual inspection
  • High pressure water allows for other work to continue in near proximity without disruption.
  • High pressure water jetting can effectively remove marine growth on chains, Mooring systems, floating & permanent structures, from underwater hulls and anodes quickly and effectively without damaging protective surface coatings, while increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing sailing time on motor vessels.